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Achraf Scholarship

Dezz j’aime. by Mosaique FM program invites Achraf to get more information about iDook and what he needs to achieve his dream.
Tunis Vision publishes on Website an article with Video promoting iDook.
Réalités online publishes article with title “Young Tunisian student competes with Zuckergeg”.
Achraf was a guest in Radio med to talk more about his iDook concept. to contribute and help achraf for the collection of his purse fees.

What is Watson institute?

The Watson institute is a non- profit organization built in 2013 in Colorado. It aims to help students shape their futures with their ideas. It also offers students an excellent chance to be mentored by world known entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators such as Jerry White who is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1997, Jan Piercy who is the former US Executive Director of the World Bank and many others.
Watson’s mission is to create a new model of higher education that accelerates the solutions brought forth by the next generation through world-class training, networks, and mentorship from global leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. In doing so, Watson aims to maximize the positive impact Scholars and alumni can create throughout their lives. Watson hosts investors and funders every week. They take dinner with the students and attend their pitch decks in order to assess the startup future. There is a great chance that Achraf’s startup will be chosen by investors and so, gain international acclaim as the likes of Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Ashraf’s Startup Project

Some people are not satisfied with their social circles either in real life or online. These people lack what we call real communication. Real communication happens when the person wants to talk about a certain topic, when he finds the right person to interact with him and when this right person is really motivated to talk at that time. In real life, and due to the modern lifestyle, it is really difficult to combine a wanted topic, a right person and a right time in one interaction. Online, there is no mainstream platform that provides this kind of communication. At the present moment, these people are stuck in their own worlds because of the absence of means of real communication.