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American educational system : prepare your professional life with success

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American universities remain at the top of the more prestigious universities all around the world. This system is completely different from the French one from which the Tunisian model is inspired. Indeed, the American university system promotes personal development, responsibility and professionalization of the students.


Multidiciplinary curriculum


American universities are internationally recognized for the quality of its teachings and the variety of the subjects offered to the students. If the United States remains the most appreciated destination of students, its mainly because of its unique university system that valuates the personal development of the students.


The triumph of the practice


In comparison to the European education system, the American curriculum prefers practice to theoretical courses in order to give the students the opportunity to become more autonomous focusing on personal reading, research and case studies to develop their personal thinking.


International recognition of the diplomas


BBA and MBA are recognized all around the world. Recruiters and international companies particularly appreciate these diplomas.


The prominence of English


All the courses are obviously taught in English, which is the first language spoken in the world but also the main language used in the business and digital world.


Indeed, the American system prepares the students to be directly operational once their studies completed in order to be competitive and successful on the job market. Since 2015, with the School of Business Private, Tunisians students and professionals can prepare BBA an MBA to strengthen their professional profiles and increase their employability in the Tunisian and international market.