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How to choose your university and your degree

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Once high school is completed, the choice of the university and the degree is crucial for the students’ future. It willl indeed determine the students’ future and professional career. Here are the top advices to help you make up your decision.

1- Broaden your perspectives

Take a sheet of paper, a pen and make a list of your centre of interests, the jobs that attract you and the fields that you are interested in. Do not restrict yourself and identify what you want and wish to doin order to make selection and finally choose the best option.

2 – Be ambitious

Even if it is important to stay realistic and aware of your skills and competencies, being ambitious is also very important. Usually, at this turning point their lives, students lack confidence and limit their objectives and forget to widen their perspectives. Motivation and ambition are great assets to fulfill personal and professional projects.

3 – Follow your wish

Do you prefer short or long studies ? Do you want to study in French or in English ? Are you willing to study following the French or the American educational system ? The answers to these questions will enable you to shorten the list of the potential universities where you can study. It will also refine your project and the options that your are interested in.

4 – Do not forget the professional outcomes

It is very important to verify that your professional project is viable. In a global and very changing environment, a special attention should be given to the professional outcomes of the degree choosen in order to ensure employability on the job market.

The assets of School of Business « Private » and the American education system

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