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Dean’s message

Dean's Message

Many of my friends and colleagues have been asking why did you decide to go to Tunis? I had previously taught in the United States, Europe and Asia; I guess there were just a few more continents to teach on.

The real reasons are much broader and exciting for me at this stage of my life. For many of my professional years, over 30 now, I had been a father and a husband raising our family in the United States. We watched our children grow and shared with them our hopes and dreams for their future.

When my children finally entered into college I had time to finally consider what I would like to be doing with my life after children. It was at this time that I began to teach. These teaching experiences rejuvenated my “joie de vivre”, “raison d'etre”! I decided that I wanted to share my life experiences, my education, and my vision of the “American Way”.

« I have always wanted to travel to Africa. Tunis called out to me with its Roman and Carthaginian history, its Mediterranean culture, and its proximity to the Middle East and Europe. These thoughts, and my most recent experiences in Tunis, have demonstrated to me a people that had an educated population with a strong spirit of independent thought and a desire to follow democratic ideals. What an opportunity I have by coming to Tunis».

Dr Craig S. Vrabec
Dean of School Of Business "Private"
American University in North Africa