English Entrance Exam (EEE) American University in North of Africa
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English Entrance Exam (EEE)

English Entrance Exam

The American University in North of Africa (AUNA) offers the opportunity for students to study the American way. AUNA gives the opportunity to study in an American University in Africa and to live an exceptional academic experience during which they will target excellence, cultivate independence, difference, and promote leadership and tolerance.

Through the Office of Testing Services, the English Language Center will focus mainly on preparing the AUNA students so that they can easily comprehend and assimilate the various courses*.

(*All the courses in AUNA are in English)

The English Entrance Exam is therefore needed as a first step (EEE). This test is just to assess the general proficiency of the students in English. Following this exam, all the students will have to follow a 2 week intensive no charge course to better prepare them for their academic studies.

At the end of this course, the students will be assessed a second time in order to be placed into 3 different and distinct groups according to their level:

  • Group I: The outstanding students will be able to start right away their mainstream academic courses.

  • Group II: The Intermediate students can also start their academic courses. However, they will have to study English language for a full term to attain the desired standard.

  • Group III: The beginner students will have to study English for a whole term to hopefully get the desired competency. On successful completion of the top level of the English Academic Preparation program, these students will be allowed to start their academic courses. If not they will be given a second chance to study for another term.

The placement test is designed to give students and teachers of English a quick way of assessing the approximate level of proficiency and their knowledge on English grammar and usage.

The test last 60 minutes to complete: it will be used by the Language Center a a Springboard and a reference for the 2 weeks intensive course.

Sample of a placement test and course material to prepare you for the English test

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