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25 September 2017

In the context of AUNA’s partnership with the University of Illinois, Chicago,
Professor Christopher Westland, our first Visiting Faculty delivered a course on “Decision
Statistics and Data Mining” to our EBDM students.


4 January, 2018

Professor Plamen Petrov, delivered a course on “Lean Innovation for Technology-
Enabled New Business Development” to our EBDM students.


21 March, 2018

Professor Thomas Leewill deliver a course on “introduction to perations and supply chain management” to our EBDM students.

7 December 2017

Professor Aris Ouksel, delivered a course on “E-Commerce, Payment and Security
on the Internet” to our EBDM students.



15 february, 2018

Professor Mary beth Mannheim, delivered a course on “Buzz Marketing and
Communication Crisis” to our EBDM students.