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How can I apply for an undergraduate program?

To apply for an undergraduate program, fill the online application form and submit it. Meanwhile you will have to take the English Placement Test since all the courses are taught in English. An interview will also be organized to assess your level of motivation, your professional project and your communication skills. You will then receive by mail the final decision.

Can I Apply to AUNA if my English is average?

All candidates have to take the English Placement Test in order to assess their general proficiency in English. The candidates will be divided into 3 groups according to their results:

  • Group I: the outstanding students will start their mainstream academic courses.
  • Group II: the intermediate students can also start their academic courses but they will have to study English for a full term to reach the desired standard.
  • Group III: the beginner students will have to study English for a whole term to acquire the desired competency. Once they will have successfully completed the top level of the English Academic Preparation program, they will be allowed to start their academic courses. If not, they will be given a second chance to study for another term.

Learn more about the English Entrance Exam (EEE)  here.

What are the requirements for degrees?

Degrees are awarded three times a year:

  • February 28 – at the end of the fall semester.
  • June 30 – at the end of the spring semester.
  • September 30 – at the end of the summer semester.

Students expecting to graduate must apply for graduation at the Registration Office by the deadlines specified by the office.

How will get assessed?

The University Grading System uses a series of letters to which grade quality points are assigned. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated according to the following section.

Grade Quality Points

A         4
A-        3.67
B+       3.33
B         3
B-        2.67
C+       2.33
C          2
C-        1.67
D+       1.33
D         1
F          0



Grade A indicates work of excellent quality. It is valued at four quality points for each credit hour.

Grade B indicates work of good quality. It is valued at three quality points for each credit hour.

Grade C indicates a satisfactory or average achievement. It is valued at two quality points for each credit.

Grade D indicates the minimum passing grade, and is indicative of poor performance. It is valued at one quality point for each credit hour.

Grade F indicates an unsatisfactory or failing performance in the course. It has zero quality points. No credit will be added to the student’s record.

What is Academic suspension?

Students on Academic Probation will be suspended if they fail to remove the Probation in two consecutive semesters of enrollment at School of Business “Private” (Summer modules excluded), regardless of any Incompletes and semester Withdrawal.

Students, who may petition for a one semester grace period, lack 12 or less credit hours to graduate, with a GPA within possible reach in that one semester’s grace. Such students who are given this chance and do not complete all the requirements for graduation, will be suspended. Students with two consecutive Probations will not be allowed to register if they have an incomplete grade.

What is “probation” and what does it mean?

Students are placed on “probation” when their work has dropped below satisfactory levels, at any time, irrespective of incomplete grades, or withdrawals.

A student on “probation” is advised to repeat courses in which he/she received a grade of “F” or “D”, as soon as possible. They may not carry more than 13 credits in a semester.

Students will not be placed on Probation until they have 20, or more, credits counted in the cumulative GPA. If, at the end of any academic term, a student does not achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all the work done at the University, he/she will be placed on Probation.

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If, after completing 12 credits in his/her major, a student’s average in the major courses is less than 2.00, he/she will be placed on Divisional/ Departmental Probation, and will be advised to change their major.

Students taking Intensive English courses are not subject to the normal probation rules. Students may not stay in Intensive English courses more than a total of two semesters and one summer, after which they leave the University. They can come back only after passing the EEE or TOEFL.