BBA in Marketing - School of Business - AUNA Tunisia
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BBA in Marketing

BBA in Marketing


AUNA BBA in Marketing is designed for students interested in marketing, customer relation, and distribution schemes and sales strategies. The program focuses on the main skills and competences to be acquired by the students in order to be successful in the dynamic field of marketing.

AUNA BBA in Marketing prepares students for a successful professional career in:

  • Advertising.
  • National and International Marketing.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Product and Brand Management.
  • Personal Selling.
  • Public Relations.
  • Retail Management.
  • Sales Management.
  • Business-to-Business Marketing.
  • Online and Social Media Marketing.
  • Consumer Affairs and Protection.


The Tuition is charged in a flat-fee structure, fixed for one year of study.
Tunisian Students:

Registration Fee: TND 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: TND 8,000 per year.

International Students:

Registration Fee: United States $ 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: United States $ 6,000 per year.

Payment Details

Bank Account Holder: American University in North of Africa.

Bank Name and Address: Attijari Bank, Agence El Manar, Tunis.

Account Number: TN59 04 106 058 0036089761 08.


Students can apply for a bank loan or a merit scholarship.

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Course Description

Course Title Prerequisite course
MKT 310 Consumer behavior  MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT340Marketing Research; psy101Principles of Psychology; SOC101Principles of Sociology
MKT 340 Marketing Research  MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT499Marketing Strategy; STA101Business Statistics I; STA202Business Statistics II
MKT 350 Product and Brand Management  MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT499Marketing Strategy; MKT380Marketing Management
MKT 370 Integrated Marketing Communication  MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT499Marketing Strategy; Communication; PSY101Principles of Psychology
MKT 480 International Marketing  MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT499Marketing Strategy; MKT340Marketing Research; POL301International Politics; ECO301International Economics; POL301International Relations; COM410International Communication
MKT 490 Marketing Internship  MKT340Marketing Research; MKT480Marketing Analytics;MKT201Principles of Marketing; MKT499Marketing Strategy; Consumer Behavior
MKT 499 Marketing Strategy Principles of Marketing
MKT 350 Pricing Management  Principles of Marketing; Principles of Micro-economics; Intermediate Micro-economics II
MKT 355 Channels Management  Principles of Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Principles of Micro-economics; Intermediate Micro-economics II
MKT 360 Internet and Social Media Marketing Principles of Marketing ; Marketing Strategy; Marketing Analytics; Integrated Marketing Communication; Communication
MKT 365 Services Marketing  Principles of Marketing ; Marketing Strategy
MKT 370 Personal Selling  Principles of Marketing ; Marketing Strategy; Principles of Psychology; Communication
MKT 375 Retailing Management  Principles of Marketing ; Marketing Strategy;Principles of Micro-economics; Intermediate Micro-economics II
MKT 380 Marketing Management  Principles of Marketing ; Marketing Strategy; Principles of Management
MKT 480 Marketing Analytics  Principles of Marketing; Business Statistics I; Business Statistics II; Marketing Research
MKT 495 Marketing Consulting  Principles of Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Business Statistics I; Business Statistics II; Marketing Research; Marketing Analytics; Marketing Management
Business core requirements (30 Credit Hours):
1.Business Core required courses (30 credit hours):

Course Title Credit hours
MGT 101 Introduction to Business 3
ACC 202 Financial Accounting I 3
ACC 205 Financial Accounting II 3
MIS 201 Principles of MIS 3
MGT 301 Principles of Management 3
MKT 201 Principles of Marketing 3
ACC 208 Managerial Accounting 3
MGT 401 Interpersonal Communication Skills and Human resources management 3
FIN 202 Principles of Corporate Finance 3
MGT 301 Production Management 3
Non-Business required courses (30 Credits Hours):
2. non-business required courses : (30 credit hours)

Course Title Credit hours
ECO 101 Principles of Micro-economics 3
MAT 101 calculus I 3
ENG 101 Academic Writing I 3
CSC 101 Principles of computer Science 3
STA 101 Business Statistics I 3
LAW 202 Introduction to Business Law 3
ECO 108 Principles of Macro-economics 3
MAT 202 calculus II 3
STA 202 Business Statistics II 3
ENG 201 Academic Writing II 3
Business Area of Emphasis (21+9 Credit Hours):
A. Required Courses: (21 credit hours)
Course Title Credit Hours
MKT 310 Consumer behavior 3 Credits
MKT 340 Marketing Research 3 Credits
MKT 350 Product and Brand Management 3 Credits
MKT 370 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 Credits
MKT 480 International Marketing 3 Credits
MKT 490 Marketing Internship 3 Credits
MKT 499 Marketing Strategy 3 Credits
B. Elective Courses:(9 credit hours)

In Addition students must also take three of the following courses:
Course Title Credit Hours
MKT 350 Pricing Management 3 Credits
MKT 355 Channels Management 3 Credits
MKT 360 Internet and Social Media Marketing 3 Credits
MKT 365 Services Marketing 3 Credits
MKT 370 Personal Selling 3 Credits
MKT 375 Retailing Management 3 Credits
MKT 380 Marketing Management 3 Credits
MKT 480 Marketing Analytics 3 Credits
MKT 495 Marketing Consulting 3 Credits
Non Business elective courses (30 credit hours):

4. Non-Business Elective Courses : (30 credit hours)

Students must select any 10 courses from the following list :

Course Title Credit Hours
PHI 101 Principles of Philosophy 3 Credits
PHI 110 Philosophy of Ethics 3 Credits
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology 3 Credits
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology 3 Credits
SOC 101 American Culture 3 Credits
COM 101 Communication 3 Credits
ENG 300 Modern American Literature 3 Credits
MUS 101 Modern American Music 3 Credits
DAN 101 Modern American Dance 3 Credits
DRA 101 Modern American Drama 3 Credits
MOV 101 Modern American Movies 3 Credits
GEO 210 Principles of Geography 3 Credits
ITT 201 Principles of Information Technology 3 Credits
POL 301 International Politics 3 Credits
ECO 301 International Economics 3 Credits
POL 301 International Relations 3 Credits
ENG 410 International English Literature 3 Credits
COM 400 International Communication 3 Credits
GEO 400 International Geography 3 Credits
ANT 101 Principles of Anthropology 3 Credits
HIS 300 Contemporary World History 3 Credits
ECO 300 Intermediate Micro-economicsII* 3 Credits
ECO 310 Intermediate Macro-economicsI* 3 Credits
POL 201 Self awareness and Personal Development 3 Credits
Business Electives (15 credit hours):

5.Minors : AUNA offers an opportunity to its students to select a minor in any of the following fields:

  • Finance
  • Digital Business Management
  • Marketing

Students desiring to have a minor MUST earn 15 prescribed credits within the selected minor field. They MUST fill out a “Prescribed Minor Form” and obtain the permission of their Academic Advisor and Department Chair housing their major for the approval of a minor.
Students would be allowed to earn 15 credits in their minor field on the top of 60 business credits making business credit hours up to 75. Considering students taking courses in minor field, their Non-Business Elective Courses credits would drop to 15 credits hours.
This provision only applies to students seeking minors in one of the aforementioned business fields.