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Master degree registration : How to prepare your admission

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To apply for a master degree, the students have to prepare a complete file. Places are limited and for some degrees registration turns out to be a real competition. If you are willing to register for a master degree, here are some tips and advices to prepare your application.

1 – Fill seriously the admission form

Over, the past few years, the admission forms for a master degree have become more and more complex. Filling the documents proprely requires time. Do not wait the last minute to prepare your file. Do not forget that the jury will make up its first idea concerning your application reading the form !

2 – Prepare a peronnalized CV

Students who apply directly after their BBA to a master degree do not always seriously prepare their CV since they do not have a proper professional experience to highlight. However, its is important to provide a relevant CV. For instance, the students can stress their extra-curriculum activities or their internships.
For professionals, the CV is however crucial. Prefer a customized CV and avoid downloading a template from the net.

3 – Do not forget the cover letter

Generally, writing the cover letter is the most difficult step in the preparation of the application file for the master degree. The cover letter needs to link the past experience with the universitary cursus and the future plans. It must draw the professional objectives of the students. Just as for the CV, the cover letter needs to be personnalized ; therefore do not download a copy from the internet. Do not hesitate to ask a professor, a friend or your parents to read it. Their comments and feedbacks can help you improve it.

4 – Boost your application with recommendations

In order to strengthen your application and distinguish yourself from the other candidates, you can complete your file with letters of recommendations from your teachers, professors or managers if you are a professional. Do not forget to inform them that you are mentionning them as references since the jury can contact them for more information !


Appying to American Universities requires from foreign students to assess their level of proficiency in English and take the TOFEL exam. However, at the School of Business « Private », the students who have not taken the TOFEL test can take the English Entrance Exam (lien vers EEE). In case of deficience, the school offers English classes to improve and strengthen linguistic skills. (lien vers le centre d’excellence). It is worth saying that the English Centre offers courses to prepare for the TOFEL which is required for any students willing to pursue his/ her studies in the United States.


GMAT is another test which is required for all students entering graduate programs at American universities. However, at the School of Business « Private », professional experience could replace the GMAT. The students, who are planning to pursue their study in US within the dual degree program, are requested to take the GMAT test during their first year of the master degree. It is worth saying, that the School of Business Private offers courses to prepare for the GMAT.

To learn more about the admission criteria to the masters taught at the School of Business « Private », visit our website :