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MBA in Risk Management

MBA in Risk Management


The MBA in Risk Management Program is designed with busy working professionals in mind. It is a two-year long. A degree in risk management helps students in acquiring finance and business skills. The program focuses on providing students with the knowledge about managing and reducing product liability and measuring economic risk to improve the financial health of a business.

Career Opportunities

As far as the job responsibilities of risk management professionals are concerned, they perform the following functions:

  • Develop and maintain risk management systems.
  • Ensure that the key risks are well understood.
  • Devise risk mitigation methods.
  • Identify potential investment opportunities keeping in view the risks and returns involved.
  • Prepare reports that explain findings, potential risks, and proposed solutions


Pre-requisite: Foundations of Finance, Financial Accounting, Financial Derivatives, Investments

  • A License or a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a GPA of 3.00 on 4 point scale or 13 on 20 point scale or higher in your most recent 60 semester hours of college work.
  • -Two years of evident professional experience are preferred.
  • Satisfactory score in GMAT Test*.

  • (Note:*GMAT requirement may be waived for those who have received graduate degree, or undergraduate degree with high GPA with evident professional experience in the field of insurance).
  • -TOEFL scores of 550 paper-based test or 500 in EEE test.


The Tuition is charged in a flat-fee structure, fixed for one year of study.

Tunisian Students

Registration Fee: TND 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: TND 10,000 per year.

International Students

Registration Fee: $ 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: $ 10,000 per year.

Payment Details

Bank Account Holder: American University in North of Africa.

Bank Name and Address: Attijari Bank, Agence El Manar, Tunis.

Account Number: TN59 04 106 058 0036089761 08.


Students can apply for a bank loan or a merit scholarship.

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