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A Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) gives the opportunity to students to develop expertise in the area of emphasis of the prepared degree. To receive the BBA degree, 120 Credit hours are required.

1 - Business core requirement - 30 Credit hours

The Business core requirement module is common to the whole Undergraduate Program. Students are advised to plan the core required course during the first three semesters.

2 - Business area of emphasis (major) - 30 Credit hours

Students choose an area of emphasis: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Business Management. Areas of emphasis consist of 21 Credit hours beyond any business core courses. To complete the 30 Credit hours, students choose 9 additional Credit hours.

3 - Non –business required courses - 30 Credit hours

Students must take 30 Credit hours of specific courses from the Arts and Sciences to complete their education.

4 - Non -business electives - 30 Credit hours

Not all the classes are accepted as non-business elective credits: to be acceptable, non-business electives the course must have a form of assessment such as term paper and/ or examinations. In addition, the course must be regular classroom-type courses.

The BBA’s combines these 4 types of modules while the students are responsible for any prerequisite that apply to the courses they must follow and they have chosen.

At the beginning of each course, the professor will provide the students with a Syllabus including all the requirements and prerequisite of the taught courses (detailed content of the course, assessment system, office hours of the teachers, rules and procedures …).

Grade point average

A minimum scholastic cumulative « Grade Point Average » of 2.00 is required at the School of Business « Private ». Students should maintain a GPA of 2.00 for all business courses. If either of these GPA’s drops below 2.0, student will be placed on academic probation for one semester. If student’s GPA, does not return above 2.0 after one semester, he/she will be excluded from the school. For graduation student must have a minimum of 2.00 GPA, and a minimum of 2.00 GPA in the area of emphasis.


Students, registered as a business degree student during the term of graduation, must complete 30 credit hours of business courses in residence on the Business School «Private» campus including 18 credit hours in the area of emphasis (Major) and 6 credit hours in the elective (minor) area.


Students are responsible for knowing all prerequisites for the courses they enroll in. Students who do not meet prerequisites can be dropped from the course at any time during the semester.