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Partnership and joined degree

Partnership and joint degrees

AUNA is committed to developing strong partnerships with some of the world’s most famous and recognized universities to allow our students to have access to a joined degree, which will increase their perspectives on the employment market.

These programs give the opportunity to our students to receive two separate degrees: one from AUNA University and one from the partner institution. This is a testament to the international recognition that AUNA strives to attain globally.

In this context, AUNA has signed a partnership agreement with the University of Illinois, chicago(USA) for a joint 2+1 program. This program involves both our BBA and MBA degrees.

According to this formula, and at the BBA level, our students can complete two years at AUNA and continue their education, during the two remaining years, in our partner institution, with credits being recognized by both institutions. At the MBA level, our students can join UIC after completing their first year at AUNA.

The number of places for dual degree programs is limited and competitive: only outstanding students will have the opportunity to benefit from this unique partnership with a prestigious American University.

Furthermore, AUNA is in the process of finalizing additional partnership with other prestigious American Universities.

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