President's Message - AUNA
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President’s Message

President's Message

AUNA is a unique university in Tunisia that follows the North American model of education. Its structured courses are characterized by the highest degree of relevance, enhanced by competency based training, to produce highly skilled and well-trained managers and professionals.

Thus, by the end of their academic journey at AUNA, our graduates will possess not only the knowledge but of equal importance the skills needed to compete for future careers; and will at the same time be in a position to contribute effectively and efficiently to their country's comprehensive economic and social development.

Moreover, the university is keen to serve as a center for the incubation of a multicultural society whereby, international and multinational cultural relations, diversity, tolerance, dialogue, rapprochement and mutual understanding are fostered in an environment of open-mindedness, respect for others’ opinions and appreciation of their differences.

Since its inception in 2015, AUNA has positioned itself as a leader. It has demonstrated a potential in industrial partnership with national and international enterprises.

These partners will enable the university to offer non-traditional programs with strong theoretical and practical orientation focusing on regional needs for industrialization and technological advancement.

AUNA has also sought to build strong partnerships with highly reputable American universities and educational institutions through the establishment of joint programs, giving its students international exposure and offering them the possibility to continue their education abroad.

As you join our educational community, I invite you not only to work for a degree, but to go beyond that to ponder the deeper meaning of your existence, and to build a proactive and responsible personality so as to achieve your dreams.

AUNA pledges to provide you with quality instructions second to none. Our staff, our faculty and myself are looking forward to welcoming you among us and to assisting you in fulfilling your educational and personal goals.

Dr. Hassouna Fedhila
President of American University in North of Africa

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