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The English Language : the gate to an enhanced employability

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Today, the English language remains the first language spoken all around the world while it also is the main language used in the business world. The English language is the official language in more than 70 countries and the mother tongue of more that 2,5 billions persons. Furthermore, more than 800 millions persons daily use the English language to communicate at an international level.



Build a brilliant professional life learning

The English language is essential to progress in domain such as commerce, communication, marketing or finance. Interesting job offers stress the importance to be bilingual and to master perfectly English.

Just as an developed knowledge of the digital world, English is a relevant asset to distinguish yourself on the job market. In addition, 2/3 of the web data and content are available in English.

On a professional ground, English is the language used by multinational and international corporations. In the business world but also in marketing, finance and management, the ability to speak English fluently is widely used to classify and select  the candidates for a position.

Professionals are more and more aware of the growing importance of English. In oder to make their profile more attractive to recruiters and to be able to apply for more prestigious positions in multinational, an ever increasing number of professionals follow language training to improve their mastering and knowledge of English.

Communicate and exchange everywhere in the world

In this globalized world, the number of trips abroad and business travel are increasing everyday. To be able to communicate and to exchange, travelers can rely on English since no matter where someone is, he will always fin someone able to understand and speak English.

For a successful career and an enhanced employability, students need to focus on English and give it all the required attention to benefit from its asset on the job market. With AUNA, the students and professionals study exclusively in English to meet the requirements of the job market and develop all the basic and relevant business skills (management, digital, finance, marketing, accounting).

At AUNA, we offer a wild range of BBA and MBA programs following the American Education System :BBA in Business ManagementBBA in Accounting, BBA in Finance, BBA in Marketing.