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What is AUNA ?

What is AUNA?

AUNA is a private university in Tunisia and the first American university in Maghreb. AUNA aims at educating students of outstanding potential in an environment of academic excellence, transparency, respect and diversity. With an approach of education and learning based on the American system, AUNA promotes 3 main concepts:

  1. Critical Thinking: AUNA applies a pedagogical approach that fosters and encourages high involvement of students in the learning process.
  2. Responsibility: students shape their education by choosing and selecting the different courses they will follow throughout their studies.
  3. Personal Development: the education provided by AUNA contributes to the development of the basic skills and abilities.

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Knowledge is not a result end. It should be acquired, created and constructed by the students. We, therefore, encourage them to be creative and critical so that they could enhance their professional growth and social development.


Knowledge acquired is transformed in tangible skills, essential to a successful professional life.

Attitude & Behavior

Students are responsible for their choice of education. We provide them with all the information to be able to meet requirements and to create their own future.

Reading & Writing

Reading and writing remain the basis of our curricula and the main keys to self-empowerment, professional achievement and success.


In our vision of learning, students are the main actor and they, therefore, play an active role in the learning process. They also create the conditions that will enable them to anticipate difficulties and to imagine possible solutions in order to reach their objectives and goals.